Key policies and information

Scouting Policies, Organisation and Rules

At the 5th Bebington Scout Group, we follow rules set out to us by the UK Scouting association. All this information can be found at

Code of Conduct and Behavior Policy

Behaviour policy

As members of the 5th Bebington Scout Group, we must all commit to keeping to the below behaviour policy;

  1. We come along to organised meetings to enjoy ourselves and have fun, whilst understanding we all need to respect each other, underlined by what is written in the Scouting Law and Promises which all members make.
  • Members attend meetings regular, on time, and in proper uniform.
  • Members join in to activities laid on, and work as a team. Particularly when in lodges, sixes and patrols.
  • We all strive to listen to, and respect each other. Taking into account each others needs.
  • We will not tolerate bullying, harassment, picking-on others.
  • We will not tolerate any form of racism, sexism, or any discriminatory towards any of our members – and we will take reports of this very seriously.
  • A good standard of behaviour is expected of our members at all times.
  • Members will accept and act upon any instructions given to them by leaders, this includes from young leaders and assistants.
  • No member will deliberately break rules, or cause unnecessary disruption.
  • All members will respect property and equipment, not only that owned by the 5th Bebington group but that of others too.

Things we expect, and what they mean…

Do your best – Just that – take part, have a go, do your best. Scouting is fun!

Be kind and helpful – Look after each other, see what you can do to help the other members and leaders

Do a good turn every day  – Helping someone else is always appreciated

Think of others before yourself – Make sure the others get to enjoy things as much as you

Listen when we ask – If we need to speak, you must be quiet – we don’t want to shout. When we put our hand in the air, you must be quiet and listen to allow us to get on with things quickly and safely.

Things we wont allow

Being mean to others – Bullying, either physical or verbal – such as name-calling, threatening, or putting people down. This will not be tolerated in any way.

Things that put others in danger ­– Shoving, wrestling, pushing, kicking or silly behaviour won’t be allowed – as it can be dangerous.

Rudeness and swearing – This offends many people and is not acceptable

Respect to property and equipment – Look after things and try not to break stuff