Scouts are our senior section welcoming young people of 10.5 to 14years old and we usually meet every Monday from 7:30 till 9pm. We are always happy to welcome new additions and we also have an active young leaders section helping young adults meet their D of E training requirements.

We have an active programme allowing our scouts to enjoy a range of activities. However we know life’s been a bit tough just recently with the whole world on lock-down, and there are only so many Zoom meetings you can all get enthusiastic about.

But lets look forward to when we can all get back together again and in the mean time.

Do you remember when……..

You really had to escape from a room not a computer!
You actually did put your thumb up to another person not to a screen!
We believed Scouts could really fly!
We took some photos at the Liverpool Christmas Market
But things didn’t always stack up?
And we discovered there were some real obstacles in our way….
But we all got there in the end…
And we all really needed that cup of tea!

Well hopefully we’ll be returning soon with some more great activities!

Scouts latest news…

  • A return to the outdoors…
    On Monday 14th September, after almost 6 months after our last traditional Scout meeting, we were finally able to return to the outdoors with our Cubs and Scouts! Following social-distancing measures and with limited numbers, we had a great evening. Working off a “back to basics” theme, we tried our hand at some fire-lighting techniques […]